Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Emma Pollock - The Law of Large Numbers (7.5 out of 10)

Emma Pollock (formerly of The Delgados) should be at least a minor star outside of her native Scotland, but alas, I doubt it will happen in today's musical climate. I mean, where are you going to hear an Emma Pollock song unless you have a pretty cool local coffee shop playing a good XM station? At any rate, since "Paper and Glue" was, perhaps my favorite song of my least favorite year (2008), she holds a special place in my heart forever. The new album - The Law of Large Numbers - is not quite as accessible as her debut release - opting for the famous "more mature sound" that all-too-often , means that the artist had no inspiration whatsoever or else starting believing their own good press and decided to be more "earnest." Which usually means it really, really sucks. And, outside of the first 2 songs ("Hug the Harbour" and "I Could Be a Saint"), I'm sure that her A&R man is nervous that he doesn't hear a single. But it's enjoyable enough.

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