Monday, July 29, 2013

Laura Marling - "Once I Was An Eagle" (5 out of 10)

My musical heroes of recent years have been Laura Marling and Joanna Newsome.  Tegan and Sara have crashed, burned, and sold out so they don't count.  I eagerly await Ms. Newsome's latest because the eagle has landed - that is, Laura Marling has become a pretentious mortal.  It sounds "serious" and all acousticy and organic and all that.  And serious.  Above all, Marling sounds serious.  She was always good for 4 or 5 memorable, beautiful, magical songs per album in the past, but not here.  I dare you to pick out just one song that a). You remember and hum to yourself...ever.  And 2). Holds up to any song on her last 2 albums.  A mish-mash of mediocrity once you look past the Oz-like curtain.  A shame. 

Camera Obscura - "Desire Lines" (8.5 out of 10)

Are they predictable?  Yes they are - but so is, say, Belle and Sebastian, who have run out of steam and ideas the past 8 years.  Tracyanne Campbell writes and sings such melodic and even soothing's something you want to back to again and again as long as it's good.  And this offering is.  Very.   Recommended best for long road trips or under the headphones or perhaps dinner parties.