Sunday, February 14, 2010

Welcome Back My Friends...

Hello to all! I am a 47 year old guy who has been intently listening to music since 1966....and buying music not long afterwards. I've seen many trends come and go. The lead singer of The Knack died today (Doug Fieger), and that makes me feel old...but it also takes me right back to the Spring of '79 when "My Sharona" first came out and some people wore "Nuke the Knack" buttons on their shirts. Personally, I love the song!
The main reason I'm starting the blog, however, is hopefully not for narcissistic reasons, but as a music lover who not only wants to impart a little wisdom out there to a younger audience, but hopefully make some buying (or pirating) suggestions along the way to make your lives a little happier. Because there's nothing like the thrill of listening to music that moves you. Hopefully it's transcendent, hopefully it's technically well-done, but that doesn't always happen to be the case does it?
One word of caution: I have tended, traditionally, to be a music snob. And honestly, perhaps the biggest reason that I'm starting this blog, is because I just disagree so strongly with what most music critics today deem as good or even great. I can't handle it. So, these will be my thoughts and my tastes, but hopefully not always just a subjective exercise. I will try to be fair. In other words, many, many times over the years I haven't liked or enjoyed a certain group or singer, but still must acknowledge their greatness and their artistry. Much more later with some recent musical thoughts and 2009/2010 discoveries!


  1. Have fun with it, Baby. You will be awesome!

  2. I'm IN!! How exciting to be your first follower! Best of luck to my fellow Blogger!! Just curious, will you be including Barry Manilow music reviews?
    Mandy? It's a Miracle? Even Now? Feel free to choose from the vast Barry music library!


  3. This will be fun, no doubt.
    Had the Sharona single, much to Mom's concern, but I digress...

    Gas it up, and (as the Cars said) Let's Go!

  4. Joan - my first Barry article will probably be "Hey You = You're Looking Hot Tonight." Intrigued by that foray of his to be hetero and dance hall at the same time! Jeff - did you let your mom listen to "Good Girls Don't" and "Baby Talks Dirty?" haha I had the first album - it was actually really good!

  5. ...To the show that never ends...

    How could anyone NOT love My Sharona? Or the Knack in general for that matter. I hate that in 1979 and every day since it is simply not cool to act happy and like you are enjoying yourself while performing your own music.

    Love the title of your first - Love ELP!

  6. Way to go Alan!!! Kathy was like - Welcome Back?? You haven't BEEN anywhere, and I assured her that SOMEONE would get it. And great comment about just the simple joys of music...exactly right.

  7. she didn't have to listen- it was the single cover that got me too, I s'pose... never mind

  8. Oh I know EXACTLY what you're talking about. :) Best to keep that between us and those who remember.