Thursday, February 25, 2010

Favorite albums of the decade: Rilo Kiley "Under the Blacklight"

Here is where I sort of take off my critic hat and put on my fan hat, although this album did get fantastic reviews by and large. And first of all, let me just say to any of my readers who over 40 yeard old - FOR SURE you need to buy this album immediately. It's the one of the best 70's albums ever made, and when you hear it you will know what I mean. Yet, it's fresh and not just some stupid "hey let's get retro" crap that many groups today impose upon us all. Rilo Kiley is led by former child actress Jenny Lewis who writes all but one song on the album. The lyrics can be a little bleak, but she was attempting to write about the dark underworld of L.A., and I appreciate her truthful, honest look at the subject. Great melodies, great rhythms, great singing, great playing, great production...great songs. I know that there are a few die hard Rilo Kiley fans who see this album as one big sell out, and I have empathy for you - I've been there before with my own favorite groups. Highlights include "Silver Lining" (sounding for all the world like "He Don't Love you Like I Love You for all you 40 and 50-somethings), "Dejalo," "The Angels Hung Around," and the title track. But there's not a bad song here - although "Moneymaker" may be a bit out of place for some. As far as ENJOYABLE albums from the past decade, I can only think of one other (Yeah Yeah Yeah's "Show Your Bones") that would rank higher. 9.0 out of 10

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  1. Rilo Kiley - "A Better Son/Daughter," from the album: The Execution of All Things

    For everyone with mommy/daddy issues.

    But it's your blog.