Monday, April 11, 2011

Paul Simon - "So Beautiful or So What" (8.3 of 10)

It's just so difficult to make a new album 45 years or so after your first one and not sound tired, boring or irrelevant. Especially since you haven't put out a "decent" album in 20 years, and not a "great" one in 25 years! And count me in as someone who was skeptical when I approached this album. But this new Simon album makes me feel 10 or so - back in 1972 - listening to his first solo release. Ok, there's no "Mother and Child Reunion" here, but this is great stuff. Melodic and insightful...even joyful at times as he sings about darker topics such as mortality. Completely eclipses and makes to seem silly most of the singer/songwriters of today. They know who they are, and I suspect that you do too. Love that title track!

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  1. This is in my earbuds as I type. Can't wait until I can put the lyrics in front of me as well. The man is an amazing lyricist, and a wonderful curator of tones for composition. He's dealing with some wild subjects here too, so this should be fun.
    I was about to post a note re: Paul & Alison as well, though I won't have let it soak in enough to give a proper review.