Monday, March 7, 2011

Bruce Cockburn - "Small Source of Comfort" (7.8 of 10)

He gets a 7 on this album just for the song "Call Me Rose" which will definitely make my "Best of 2011" songs list. But here we have a master artist, a true craftsman, working his magic in his 50's on his acoustic guitar. Nice melodies and insightful, thought-provoking (overtly political at times) lyrics. Not a boring exercise here - a fresh muse discovered and given to us as a gift. Download this and ask yourself : Is Bon Iver better than this? Amos Lee? Mumphord and Sons? What kind of a world do we find ourselves in now?!

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  1. Bryan, I played Cockburn on my radio show years ago, the album with his take on Central America, songs that even today sound more relevant and affecting than most of his contemporaries. I do have to smile as I remember being in Toronto one summer day, in a place called "Ontario Park" (or "Ontario Place"?)Anyway, we heard the battle of the sound checks with Bruce Cockburn rehearsing at Ontario Place/Park, and Bruce Springsteen doing the same thing at Blue Jays stadium across the parking lot from us. Thanks for the memory prompt!