Monday, April 12, 2010

New CD Reviews - 4/12/10

MGMT - "Congratulations" (7 out of 10) - Just a little too quirky and inaccessible for me. I think they can do better than this if they would focus more on actually writing songs, although I do appreciate the creativity. I mean, if you can whistle back to me any of these songs, you get a gold star. Or else you have some good "stuff" from Northern California that's making it sound like the White Album. I just don't like to work this hard for my music, and I'm not willing to just nod my head and give them a great score because it would be cool to do so. I'm mainly here to say if a cd is going to give you enjoyment and joy, and I just don't think this will for the people I know. Oh well. And please don't name a song "Brian Eno" like you're all hip. "Siberian Breaks" is the highlight here.

And that's the only release this week that captured my interest. Hopefully a few more next week!


  1. Do a review of my hubby's new CD. Tell me what you think of his music. Link is on my blog. Thanks.

  2. Hey Techno Babe - I will try and take a listen really soon ok?